Waste Management

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Fields of Expertise

  • Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance
    During the data gathering phase Envirotec will provide an optimal solution for your solid waste flow in such a way it is most efficient and profitable, while providing top notch maintenance after-sales.

  • Solid Waste Compaction and Baling
    Envirotec are distributors of the best and highly rated suppliers of compactors and balers in the world with references, testimonials and a solid portfolio from hundreds of satisfied customers.

  • Solid Waste Transfer Stations
    Massive “trailer-like” compactors, the system compacts waste against a gate in a compaction chamber forming large logs. The logs are then ejected into a transfer trailer. Designated for heavy industries and manufacturing plants that generate high solid waste and need an effective and cost efficient solution for compacting, safely storing and eventually hauling solid waste for elimination.

  • Municipal Solid Waste Management Studies and Planning
    Envirotec is fully capable, equipped and ready to engage in Municipal waste management studies and planning.

  • Landfill Management systems
    Tracking system and follow-up on the rise and fall levels of trash for the purpose of controlling trash flow.